I watch the hands that tell you—I cannot hold you
you’ll let none stop you until the end.
I’m fond of you and a half,
love it when you’re on my side
though I’d rather never serve you.
Some days I can’t help but waste you beat you kill you,
other days I gain you keep you
give or take you fix or buy you.
In the end you will tell.
There is a you for everything
yet you outsmart the likes of Aristotle, Homer,
I get stuck in you
I would be frozen without you.
You measure my heartbeat
like you measure the earth and stars
turning turning turning.
You pass, you slip more into place
your perpetual linear
marching marching marching.
Your name was spoken before mine
when I was born.
Why is it, then,
I forget you?
Let you slip by, unnoticed
fleeting toward the inevitable
day I run out
of you.

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